8 Days Driving Solo, 4000k's Flinders and Beyond

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Re: 8 Days Driving Solo, 4000k's Flinders and Beyond

Post by 1coolbanana » Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:22 pm

Day 8

Cobar to Home, approx 700k's

Ok, its been an excellent trip but now its time to get home so Ill be slabbing it for most of the way.
Hit the road early and didnt take any pics to speak of except a couple.

I pulled off onto a side track off the road for a pee break and while Im standing there Im looking around and see a LONG brown tail in long grass right behind me.

Well, enough to say that it was close to not JUST a pee break when I turned around to see a 2 meter King Brown (I think) right behind me..................bugger.

I bolted, got the camera and took a dodgy pic, then I thought, bloody hell what am I doing, these guys are renowned for defending their ground so one pic was enough, I was out of there!


I dont think you get two chances with these guys!

Nearly home now, I can nearly see home in the distance.


So 500 litres of fuel and 4000k's later.
Averaged 13.8 litres/100k according to the trip computer but only 12.5 by simple maths, go figure, either way, pretty good I think.

Anyway, its been an inspiring trip for my first in the Prado and first beyond NSW border to see what you SA'ers are lucky enough to have.

Ive also discovered that being in the drivers seat of the Prado is a fantastic place to be, Im very impressed the more I drive this car.
It handle the fast dirt touring so well......too well!

If there is one bad thing to say, it would be that its too easy to be going too fast!
I lost count the number of time I had "oh s^%&" moments and got airborne over a cattle grid or bottomed out in a dip.
But, it did it all without a whimper!

It was a real eye opener and doing it on my own has been very rewarding.
Maybe one day, when I find a friend, I might do it again with company

In the meantime, Im planning to do the Flinders or similar again next year in autumn and spend some more time there.
Alone or with company, works either way.

Thanks for reading this and without all the help with vehicle prep and advice from all you guys, it wouldnt have been possible.
Thanks for all the tech advice, coaxing and piss taking, couldnt have done it without you
Cowabunga dudes .......

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