FCR carb tips and info

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FCR carb tips and info

Post by steve » Sat Jun 19, 2010 6:12 pm

My needle and seat has been giving me grief so I am looking for a replacement and have found some interesting info on the net.

Common cause of flooding carb is also the seat o-ring. This will become apparent when you remove the seat.

There seem to be different needles for bikes with and without fuel pumps.

There is a replaceable wear cover on the carby slide, have seen recommendations that this is replaced every 25hours. This cover also has a o-ring which is susceptable to chemical damage if incorrect chemicales are used when cleaning.


Re: FCR carb tips and info

Post by steve » Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:17 am

Early FCR Slide height adjustment.

Couldnt find much info about this other than Veetwos problems. Only other tip was as follows:-

Back idle screw off till it only just touches.

Adjust slide height to gain a 1/16" gap between slide and bore.

Adjusting nut and screw are both basically grub screws, however they have offset seats on the shaft and arm. If you tighten the screw only into its seat the slide is furthest down or less idle speed. If you tighten the nut down only the slide is highest or the most idle speed (I think Ive got those right way around). To get the right adjustment its a balancing act between the two.

If the 1/16" gap isnt quite right then they can be readjusted with the bike running and the top cover off the carby till the idle speed screw works properly.

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