Newbie from Sydneys west

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Newbie from Sydneys west

Post by CeeBee » Sun Mar 12, 2017 8:41 am

Hi all,

New to this site and still trying to navigate it and see how it all works. I was active on a road bike forum until ditching my m109 Boulevard for my current 2015 BMW 1200 adv. (I love the bike it's the ultimate machine for me and the riding I/we do). I Mainly used the Tapatalk app which my brain seemed to compute better than this PC style plus always have my mobile in my pocket.

Anyways I'm based near the riff in Sydney's west, 50 something sign writer by trade, wife, adult kids, dog etc. After selling our business of nearly 25 years I now work as a contractor to sign companies in the area as well as few other things that keep me busy.

I've had numerous dirt bikes over the years like WR's, XR's, Gas Gas. Did a bit of grasstrack & motorcross but a few bad injuries meant I had to tone it down for a bit. So I had a roadie for a while which got my wifey Sue keen to tour on the back but always missing the off-road scene. Have done lots of km's with her in tow and now with our 1200 adv we do some 2 up off road also.

Joined up to see what this site has to offer as the Road forum I was on was good for organising rides, forming new friendships with like minded people.

I have a reasonable amount of off road experience and have participated in several BMW Safari's including Enduro last year from Streaky Bay SA to Broken Hill NSW.

Cheers to all


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Re: Newbie from Sydneys west

Post by 1coolbanana » Sun Mar 12, 2017 3:28 pm

Hi Craig :wave:
Welcome to OzAdventureRider :D
Look forward to catching up for a ride :thumb:
Cowabunga dudes .......

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