Tumbarumba for Xmas

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Re: Tumbarumba for Xmas

Post by Andrew2 » Sun Jan 06, 2019 4:47 pm

I must have missed this second part of your report Baz. Looks fantastic. Pity I couldn't have got down there earlier..next time.

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Re: Tumbarumba for Xmas

Post by Redback » Mon Jan 07, 2019 5:11 pm

No worries plenty of time to go again, i just wish i did'nt fall off when i did, oh well shit happens.

Had my second xray, all good no break, should be up and going again in a couple of week :thumb:

I'm on a tablet thingy so not a lot of posting, nbn is down so no pc, tech bloke is coming around Wednesday to see what's up.
Cheers Baz.

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Re: Tumbarumba for Xmas

Post by 1coolbanana » Tue Jan 08, 2019 1:30 pm

Thanks for posting that.
Hope you heal up quick :-)
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