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Bluetooth for Dummies

Post by plindz » Wed Aug 10, 2011 9:24 pm

Hi All

Round 2 of the new to GPS world - Zumo550, IPhone4, Scala Rider G4 Headset :dance:

Bluetooth - Phoned paired to GPS, Headset paired to GPS, Headset paired to phone. :crazy:

Turn on GPS picks up phone and headset - voice over comes up "GPS Connected"

I can make and receive calls thru GPS but for some reason there is no sound, can't hear music from GPS (can when connect ipod by cable). I have followed all instructions to the letter for both GPS and headset. I haven't found anyone with a matching headset yet (mate is close to buying if i can get mine to work) to check if comms works

Any ideas??????? :think:

I have got the Bluetooth working randomly - is this normal??? Headset works direct to the phone - throw in the GPS and it all goes pear shaped. :crazy:
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