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Post by tripodtiger » Mon Aug 15, 2011 11:21 pm

I had a very brief ride on the XC. It was fitted with road tyres, I know not why. The very brief bit was because I'd managed to get Agent 625, Dobbo, another Albury rider and myself together in Albury, at short notice for a bit of lunch.
We were having such a pleasant day. Until Agent 625 decided to bury his 625 into the side of a Commodore. Not a good look. Sort of disrupted the test ride.
He was sort of okay except for a very sore foot. She copped the infringement notice on the chin and he copped a limp for a while. We left him in the waiting room at casualty, talking with the johnny hoppers, waiting for the radiographer.

Dobbo and I 'got lost' trying to find a back way between Cookardinia and Mangoplah.

the XC engine is, from my 4 km suburban ride, very smooth with plenty of go.
The seat seems tall.
The exhaust and induction noise is great.
I reckoned it was a bit ponderous in the steering, until the admission that the frotn tyre may be a little low on pressure. So why let it out on a test ride?
The fairing is a long way out front. I wonder how it will stand up to a long ride as it does seem to have a fair bit of movement.
The 'bars are really wide and flat. I felt a little bit stretched - I'm 178cm and have longish arms. The shape of the seat means there is only so far you can get forward.
The detail on the LCD instrument panel seemed a little cluttered with some very small text. There was one point where the numbers on the display didn't seem to relate to anything that I could immediately think of.
Too brief a ride to say much beyond that.
Apart from repeating that the engine seemed really smooth and strong.
And I like the orange one.

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