looking at getting a bmw f 650

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Re: looking at getting a bmw f 650

Post by xt600 » Thu Jan 17, 2013 6:03 pm

Been watching this thread with some interest, as I will be in a similar predicament later in the year trying to choose what to get. I have a friend with an early model Funduro, he bought that with reasonable K's and it has given him plenty of enjoyment with little hassle, although he did borrow my bike trailer recently when, on the second last day of a two week trip, it suffered an electrical problem that saw him suffer the indignity of having to commute home in the support vehicle!!!!! Was a crappy little electrical piece in the leads that caused the problem, easily diagnosed on the net and was a cheap fix. As previously stated these engines have been around for years and most if not all of the issues are fairly well documented on Forums such as this, and as such quickly remedied. Plenty of European sites that sell parts at a fraction of the cost here in Aus.
Kieran, you said something earlier about the seat on your KLX, head down to the Foam & Rubber supplier in Littlebourne Street Kelso and for $130 or so they will re-trim your seat to make it far more comfortable than it is stock. Got mine done last week with the "gripper" cover for my XT600 and it is a totally different experience now!!!!
Enjoy the thrill of the hunt for your new ride.

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Re: looking at getting a bmw f 650

Post by tariadamar » Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:14 pm

thanks for the help i am not worried about the klx now as i am moving on. but i will keep looking

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