Hot Weather Gear---Cooling Vests

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Hot Weather Gear---Cooling Vests

Post by 1coolbanana » Wed Dec 28, 2016 6:54 pm

There seems to be a few cooling vests coming on the market lately.
Ive been using one for a year or two now, just your basic cooling vest, nothing bike specific but works well.

Must say that it certainly made a 45 degree days on the bike into something a lot less dangerous, keeping me in a reasonable state for between 4-6 hours, and just apply more water to it when needed.
Absolutely highly recommended.
It does get you a bit damp in patches but when its hot who cares!!
Its the older style that you soak whereas the newer ones seem to have a fill port.

Mines like this


Heres a review ... g-vest.htm

Seems to be a few other brands popping up recently
This mob seems to sell a few different varieties which would be worth looking into as well

Ive seen Motorrad Garage also selling the Inuteq range as well so may be more bike oriented.

Anyway, food for thought.

Cowabunga dudes .......

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Re: Hot Weather Gear---Cooling Vests

Post by Wodger63 » Thu Dec 29, 2016 7:41 am

I run with a Dri Rider Vortex Adventure with the Air Flow System and drink plenty of water.
Can be pretty hot and humid here but I'm always comfortable wearing it.
This is purely my summer jacket, so I never run with the throat coat or liner, I have other jackets and full leathers for touring and/or it gets cold. ... enture-jkt

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