self increasing clutch free play after feathering off-road?

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self increasing clutch free play after feathering off-road?

Post by robson » Sat Oct 31, 2015 2:58 am

I've just got new xt660z tenere and have some difficulties adjusting the clutch for off-road use.
When I set some free play when the bike is cold after some time of feathering the clutch off-road
the free play increases quite a bit what makes difficult to use clutch lever with 2 fingers.
When I adjust the clutch when hot works fine but after I'm done and the engine cools down the cable free play
decreases so there is not any anymore and the lever is stiff. Is it normal for a new clutch? I put on like 700 km so far.
When I do not feather and ride normally pulling the clutch with all fingers it seams to be fine.

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Re: self increasing clutch free play after feathering off-ro

Post by trailraider » Wed Nov 11, 2015 9:22 am

Hi Robson,
I am no expert however I do not think that the Tenere is meant for clutch feathering unless you are scrubbin' it around a motocross track :surprised:
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Re: self increasing clutch free play after feathering off-ro

Post by madrus » Wed Nov 18, 2015 7:51 pm

tbrideadv wrote: I have had this happen a few times in extreme single trail in the Watagans being somewhere I shouldn't on a Tenere. To much clutch slip, causes too much heat. To that to often and you will need a new clutch. TB
I had a black dirt (mud) misadventure earlier this year on a farm access road which used to be gravel 20 yrs ago.
The black gumbo choked the swing arm & inside pannier area along with that useless low front guard. Even after removing the panniers & digging the gumbo out & feathering the clutch to make it the 300m back to the tar I fried the clutch.
Not knowing the history of the first 9200k's of it's life, I just bit the bullet & replaced all steels as well as friction plates. The oil wasn't pretty either!
After owning over 20 bikes, I've never fried a clutch. So now, I treat the clutch with reverence on the 660!
Regards Russ.
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